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Hidden Jewels From Our Estate Cabernet

36" x 48" Oil, 2007

Artist Statement: Just like the people we know and the issues we deal with every day, my paintings are a dichotomy. Your first impression is not the whole story.  When studied closely, what at first appears to be a big, bold, and even brash realistic painting is in fact soft, shuttle and sophisticated in an abstraction.  The objects I paint are at once just objects yet often contain deeper meanings.


About My Paintings: My paintings are both simple and complex.   They are simple; using big, bold objects that are depicted in a complex subtle and sophisticated manner with delicate brush strokes and subtle reflected images.  The paintings make sense as realism, yet they share an unrealistic quality.  There is a single light source flowing across solid objects, yet no shadows exist.    The objects sit on a glass like surface, yet no surface or space really exists.  What is real is that each painting makes a statement about the objects or what those objects represent.  My paintings are a simple grouping of objects, yet often have a larger story to tell.  These paintings can be pondered or just enjoyed for the objects they are.

Artist Laura Roneys Signature Pet Portait and Oil Portraits and Food Art